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Floor Space Optimization

For established manufacturers, major changes to operations can present many challenges to internal resources. Burdening staff with the planning and execution of process change can make a serious impact, especially in increasingly efficient manufacturing environments. This was the scenario that one of our long-time customers faced. This Midwest-based manufacturer of safety products was in the midst of expansion and needed additional floor space. They determined that the best way to gain the space they needed was to eliminate their in-house machining department. This area had been in operation for many years. However, the systems in place had become outdated and inefficient compared to modern methods, machines, and practices. They had considered upgrading this part of their operation, but it would have required a significant capital investment and conflicted with their core business. By removing the machining arm of their operation, they would be able to open up the additional square footage they needed to expand their core business.

They reviewed many options and chose H & R Screw Machine Products as their partner to handle their precision machining operations. At H & R Screw Machine Products, we are more than just a manufacturing partner. As this project highlights, our specialization in high-efficiency precision machining allowed this customer to eliminate a high cost and resource intensive part of their operation. What they received in return was a partnership that gave them access to cutting-edge machining capabilities, exceptional talent, higher quality products, and the knowledge that as technology advances, we would be right there-offering the most advanced machining processes available. Also; by removing this part of their operation, their inventory was reduced and service was improved, creating cash flow advantages and even more floor space. In the end, their business grew because they were able to expand the more cost positive aspects of their operation and they did it without any additional capital expenditures associated with precision machining. For more information, or to learn how we can enhance your operational efficiency, contact us directly.

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Floor Space Optimization Highlights

Project Name
Floor Space Optimization
Safety Products
Screw Machine Products
CNC Machining
Client's In-House Machining Department
Needed additional floor space to utilize for an expansion in their core competency
Improvement in Component Quality
Improved Service
Instant Access to Improved Machining Technology and Expertise
Improved Focus on Core Competency
Reduction in Surplus Inventory
Improved Cash Flow
Lead Time
Due to the large scope of the project, operations were transitioned over a 4 month timeframe