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Process Improvement Consultation

As the precision and complexity of manufactured products and assemblies increase, maintaining a stable supply chain is a critical factor for virtually every manufacturer. Getting the parts on time is not enough; problems with quality and consistency can wreak havoc on a production line and overburden even the most well-equipped Quality and Purchasing departments.

At H & R Screw Machine Products, we have helped multiple manufacturers shore up their supply chain with innovative solutions and world-class precision and quality. In the project highlighted here, a major supplier to the appliance industry was involved in an exhaustive search for a manufacturer that could supply them with critical high volume machined components. They needed to develop a long-term relationship with a manufacturer that could provide the quality and quantity they needed, with the ability to grow and expand as the product line expanded. Our expertise in process improvement put us in a strong position; in fact, it was a major factor in leading this customer to choose H & R as their partner.

To understand what this customer needed, we first had to find out what went wrong and why. Our initial consultations focused on their experiences with their previous supplier. This gave us a clear picture of their expectations and allowed us to develop a plan that would accommodate their needs. Our focus centered on engineering process improvements and methodologies that would eliminate the possibility to repeat any of the previous issues. This was followed by a detailed review to validate the process parameters we created. The end result was a partnership that provided everything this customer needed to keep their operation running with no disruption due to poor quality or missed deliveries. Our efforts with this client lead to a long term relationship that is still going strong today.

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Process Improvement Consultation Highlights

Project Name
Process Improvement Consultation
Supplier needed a long-term partner to solidify quality and inventory.
  • Discussions of Issues with the Previous Supplier and Components
  • Focus on Engineering of Process Improvements in Advance
  • Detailed Review and Approval of Methods to Alleviate the Issues